It's Time To Say Bye-Bye To 'Momay'!

Our beloved cute friendly little ghost "Momay" will finally bid goodbye this coming Friday. Two more nights to see this very cute and cheerful girl starting tonight 'till Friday in Primetme Bida!

But what will be the expected ending of this TV series that teaches us many lessons and values in life?! Will it be a tragic one or a heavy dramatic finale?!

On the two last nights of "Momay", more and more secrets and mysteries were about to discover!

The wicked Hilary (Glydel Mercado) is about to learn the truth about Justin (Ejay Falcon). She will do everything just to discover the real parents of Justin! She hires a private investigator to find out who Justin’s real parents are.

Meanwhile Momay (Xyriel Ann Manabat) assures Justin that she still loves him even if he’s not her biological brother!

Aside from these, Hilary is planning a threat to the lives of the main characters! An evil plan is yet to come! Will Hilary succeed in her plan? What will the consequences of it in her life afterward?!

Can the family of "Momay" comprising of Justin and their mother Shirley (Lorna Tolentino) finally reunites even in the very last time?! And did "Momay" now ready to ascend in heaven?!

Well, reserve now your seats infront of your TV tonight before TV Patrol World to catch the last two episodes of "Momay"! It's really a TV series that gives us more positive values in life! These good values as well as the story and its main characters were just some of the reasons why "Momay" is a consistent top rater in any of the TV ratings survey! To Xyriel, Ejay, Lorna, and to the rest of the casts and staffs, a job well-done! Congratz and farewell! "Momay" truly airs with flying colors! C",)

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