Looking Back To The Story of 'Kokey'!

"Kokey@Ako" is today's one of the hottest and one of the IN fantasy series specially to the kiddie, youngsters, and young at heart! But did you ever know how this cool story of "Kokey" started?!

Well for this special post, I will share with you how the story of "Kokey" evolved from the blockbuster movie up to the TV hit series we have now! Here is an article from ABS-CBN.com narrating the story of "Kokey"! It reads:


The first Kokey encounter happened thirteen years ago. It was in 1997 when we were first introduced to the cute alien who had a penchant for befriending human beings. And his best friend then was the pre-pubescent Carlo Aquino in the movie entitled Kokey. It was directed by the same man who brought Cedie and Sarah, Ang Munting Prinsesa on the big screen---Romy Suzara.

Ten years later, in 2007, Kokey crash landed on our television screens. The pambansang alien befriend earthling Bong, portrayed by Joshua Cadelina. Also in the cast are Zanjoe Marudo, Nova Villa, Eugene Domingo, Ruffa Gutierrez, and the late Redford White. At the helm of the interplanetary program is prolific TV and movie director Wenn Deramas.

It’s 2010 and Direk Wenn Deramas and the adorable alien return in Kokey@Ako. Expect more out-of-this-world nutty characters, cosmic misadventures and heart-warming stories of friendship that span across the universe.


The cutest, friendliest and the most loveable alien is finally back on primetime TV offering new intertwining and challenging hurdles in an adventure of fun and exciting moments with a new set of friends, villains and values in a journey of nobility, courage, loyalty, triumph of the spirit, sacrifice and love.

Kokey's love for his family is put to a test when his younger sibling, Kekay, after feeling unwanted, accidentally crashes her spacecraft on Earth. Kokey searches for her and eventually meets Jackie (Toni Gonzaga), a struggling TV news reporter who is also in search of her parents who were abducted by a UFO.

Kokey and Jackie’s common goal of being reunited with their families brings them closer as they unravel secrets that will change their lives forever. But danger looms over as the aliens from Planet Kukurikabu plot to exterminate mankind and invade the Earth after being betrayed by one of their own---Belat. The young prince holds the key to finding Jackie's parents.

Conflicts arise when Prince Belat accidentally assumes the body of Bruce (Vhong Navarro), Jackie's great love. Kokey and Jackie, through the help of Belat, will fulfill their individual goals only to be shattered by the truth that one of them must die to save the whole mankind.

Now did you know how "Kokey" started in our planet?! Are you excited for his new adventures together with his new friends?! Next time, I will introduce to you his new friends! See yah! C",)

(Source: abs-cbn.com)

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