Meet 'Kokey' and Friends!

After we know how the story of "Kokey" evolved from a blockbuster movie up to its second hit TV series today, time now to meet the characters and friends around Kokey!

Every night in Primetime Bida, "Kokey@Ako" makes our bored life funny and exciting. Every twists, every chapters, every exciting episodes were due to the different casts having different characteristics who comprises the story! Are you ready to know them deeper?!

Here's how the home network itself of Kokey, the ABS-CBN, describes each characters in "Kokey@Ako"! Let's get to know them:

Kokey and Kekay

KOKEY -- Ang Pambansang Alien

Kokey returns to Planet Earth to find his missing sister before she unwittingly wrecks havoc on mankind. In his search for his furry sibling, Kokey gets to meet new friends and goes into
another rollercoaster adventure ride of his life.

KEKAY -- The Sibling of Kokey

She is the lost sister of Kokey whom he is searching on earth!

Jackie and Bruce

PRINCESS / JACKIE -- The Alien Hunter
(Toni Gonzaga)

Jackie is a survivor- from a massacre plot against her family, an alien abduction, growing up without parents to provide her needs, and moving on with life with no memory of her real identity.

Despite her traumatic past, Jackie is a positive thinker. She is a resourceful and determined news reporter with special interest in paranormal and extra-terrestrial activities. She is obsessed with retracing the events of the past—looking for any leads of alien movements, hoping to find possible indications of her parents’ whereabouts. And that vital lead may be Kokey.

BRUCE / BELAT -- The Wannabe-Human Alien
(Vhong Navarro)

Bruce used to be the boy who fell in love with the little rich girl with no memory. He is Jackie’s best friend, confidante and companion in the search for her missing parents. The hard work and sacrifices he made paid off when his one great love accepted his proposal to be his wife.

One day before the wedding, Bruce accepts a news coverage that leads to an unfortunate accident of stellar proportions.

Josa and Adonis

JOSA -- Ang Pambansang Overs
(Melissa 'Melai' Cantiveros)

Josa sees and does everything in a different way---odd but funny. She is Bruce’s cousin, and Jackie’s best friend and pseudo-sister. Her carefree attitude is refreshing, but would often lead to a lot of hilarious misadventures.

ADONIS -- Ang Pambansang Feeling
(Jason Francisco)

Adonis had been training as a cameraman for Channel Z for the last six years but
can't get a promotion. When Bruce starts working for the station, Adonis becomes one of his good friends. Adonis eventually becomes Josa’s love interest. But is the feeling mutual?

So are you excited to know them more?! Catch them every night in "Kokey@Ako" before TV Patrol World only in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida! C",)


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