The Funny Start of 'Inday Sa Balitaw'!

After "Inday Bote", another Inday was featured in Wansapanataym just this Saturday. This is "Inday Sa Balitaw" from the creation of Pablo S. Gomez, one of the famous comic writer.

Maja Salvador is very effective in portraying the life of "Inday Sa Balitaw". The story started during the childhood days of Inday with her mother in the market. Little Inday and her mother (Lotlot De Leon) were jolly market vegetable vendors. There was a sing and dance portion every time they start to sell.

But the happy life of little Inday with her mother eventually ended as her mother got an amnesia due to an accident!

Inday was separated from her mother. She grew up alone! Dona Dora (Minnie Aguilar), a socialite villain convinced Inday that her mother leaved her for another man!

Inday became a housemaid in the mansion of Dona Dora. She received maltreatment from this cruel woman. Until she found a special friend, a spirit in the tree named Rico Puno. With this little child, the life of Inday becomes magical!

Knowing that her mother leaved her, Inday feels angry with her own mother. She will want to compete her mother in the market. In the market when she's starting to make a plan to compete her mother, she met a hunky man named Gorio (Matteo Guidicelli).

What will happen to this first encounter of Inday and the hot kargador? Well, let's find out! Here is the complete first part of the two part episode of "Inday Sa Balitaw"! Another cool magical story from the one and only Wansapanatam! Nice one! C",)

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