A Brighter Life for Inday in the 'Inday Bote' Finale!

Just like in every fairy tale story, the ending of "Inday Bote" is another "happily ever after..."! But this time, it's not anymore because of magic!

Inday (Melissa 'Melai' Cantiveros) becomes a successful career woman in the office of Jan Avilla's character. But this is because of her friend dwarfs (Johan Santos and Cathy Ramperas).

Later on, Inday realized that she didn't anymore needs magic! She could be successful not because of magic but because of her hardship and dedication to work! Yup, she refused now the help of her good dwarf friends!

Inday found out through the help of Jan Avila's role that all the wealth or legacy of her father were given to her. And this was the start of her 'rugs-to-riches' like story.

On the same time, Jan then proposed to Inday. But Inday rejected the proposal of Jan since Inday only has a one true love in the person of Rayver Cruz' character!

After a romantic confrontation, Inday and Rayver's character finally ends up in a wedding! And they two become successful as they pursue their studies in the field of Business Administration! They two were now a successful career-oriented couple!

So, for those who missed to watch the ending or the final episode of "Inday Bote", here is the complete finale of Wansapanataym's "Inday Bote"! It's another ending full of moral lessons and good values! Nice one! C",)

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