A Full of Magic and Adventure Pilot of 'Kokey @ Ako'!

Everybody really missed our friendliest alien friend Kokey. So Kokey didn't failed all our expectations. In the pilot episode, all the breath-taking magic and adventures were given away!

The story started with the story of the little girl named Princess. Yup, this is the young Toni Gonzaga in the story! Princess is living in a princess-like life with her family.

There is a grand celebration in their rich mansion. But they didn't know that this grand event will lead to the separation of Princess from their family!

While Princess with her mother (Maricel Laxa) and father (Christian Vazquez) were on their way to the event, another unknown vehicle keep on bumping their car! The gunmen continuously bumping them until their car was about to fall from the big mountain!

Princess' parents tried to escape from their car but they can't! So they forced Princess to leave them and jump outside the car! Though it was hard for Princess to do so, she must to save her life!

When the car was now falling from the top of the high mountain, it eventually captured by a bright light! The bright light saved the car from the accident! The gunmen were too shocked to see the unbelievable event!

Actually, it was an alien who saved and got the parents of Princess from the tragic accident! But how about Princess?! What happens next?!

Well, if you missed to watch the pilot episode of this new cool fantasy series in Primetime Bida, here is the complete pilot episode of "Kokey @ Ako" for you to watch! Sit back, relax, and enjoy! Nice one! Love this pilot...! C",)

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