Tragedy Starts in the Pilot Episode of 'Alyna'!

The newest Precious Hearts Romances Presents called "Alyna" started so hot! Its pilot episode lead us to know the tragic beginning in the life of Alyna.

Actually the pilot episode of this romantic afternoon drama series started with a flashback. The pregnant Alyna (Shaina Magdayao) walking in the road to search for her lost husband Dominic (Sid Lucero) opened the story.

In that dusty road, the real Dominic Del Carmen (Jason Abalos) saw the pregnant woman lying. Immediately he took the woman to his owner vehicle and brought her to the church! In the church, he was able to get to know Alyna.

Alyna got shocked when she knew that the man in front of her is the real Dominic Del Carmen she is looking for! She can't believe how that happened!

On that same very moment, the childhood memories of Alyna immediately flashed on her mind!

Her childhood days were full of pain and sufferings! After her mother (Francine Prieto) leaved her to his father (Jao Mapa) for the other man, Alyna for the meantime found happiness to her single father. But that was only for a short period of time since her father died at the young age! Her mother took custody of her when her father passed away.

In the house of her real mother with his stepfather (Carlos Morales), Alyna felt the maltreatment! She was about to abuse by her step father!

Well to those who wasn't able to watch the pilot episode of 'Alyna", here is the complete pilot episode of this new PHR offerings! Let's see how the tragic life of Alyna started! C",)

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