The Full Trailer of Your Song Presents 'Beautiful Girl'!

Two hottest Asian stars will be paired for the first time in a Sunday afternoon romance mini-series. The hunk Asian Pop Prince and the beautiful Malaysian actress team up via romantic series.

Christian Bautista and Carmen Soo star in the next installation of Your Song Presents called "Beautiful Girl"!

"Beautiful Girl" is about the story of an architect who got a successful heart transplant but eventually fall in love with the fiance of his deceased heart donor. The theme song is of course got from Christian Bautista's hit revival song "Beautiful Girl"!

After I told you how the story of it will go and after you meet its two man characters, time now to see its official TV series trailer.

Yup, here is the full trailer of YSP "Beautiful Girl" which will start this coming Sunday right after ASAP XV only in ABS-CBN.

Are you excited to see them in as a love team?! Well, here you go! Christian and Carmen posted a perfect tandem in this new TV series! They two got a good chemistry! Hope to see more exciting scenes from the two of them! Nice one Ian and Carmen! Love you both...! C",)

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