A Brand New Coco Martin in 'Idol'!

After being tagged as the 'Prince of Indie Film' since he already did different controversial but award-winning Indie movies in the past which was recognized all over the world and after playing different kontrabida roles in his major top-rated TV series, the hot hunk Coco Martin is ready to portray a brand new role! And this is via his new musical teleserye called "Idol" with Sam Milby and Sarah Geronimo!

Now Coco will take the new challenge in his career as he took a big role in the field of musical-comedy TV series! What more can we expect from this brand new Coco Martin?!

Yup, Coco Martin is very much effective in portraying villain roles in the different hit TV series like in "Ligaw Na Bulaklak", "Nagsimula Sa Puso", "Tayong Dalawa", and "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo"! His star shines the brightest as he effectively played these character roles. Instead that people hate him, people love him more rather!

And of course, he got the crowd being the so-called "Indie Prince"! He was well-recognized as an award-winning actor in the field of Indie movies although he showed lots of skins! His sexiness and hotness in these movies captured the attention of more and more people worldwide!

Now a brand new Coco Martin will be seen in the new exciting soap of ABS-CBN. This time he will not anymore play as a kontrabida or will show skins! Rather he will make us laugh all the way as he portrays a boy-next door! And of course, expect that Coco will serenade us with a romantic or inspiring song via musical TV series!

Coco Martin will be one of the the two leading men of Sarah Geronimo. It's good to know that a type of Coco Martin who didn't yet seen singing will fight for love in terms of music. He will showcase his singing prowess with the other two main singer actors namely Sarah Geronimo and Sam Milby! He will also combined with the casts who were mainly singers. It's definitely an exciting and a challenging role for Coco!

Therefore everybody is really excited to see a new Coco Martin! Knowing Coco Martin, he will definitely exceeds expectation like the way he did in his previous drama series playing kontrabida or in his previous fantasy series ("Tonyong Bayawak") wherein he played as a superhero! Everybody is so excited to see a new talent that will share to us by Coco!

I really can't wait and see Coco Martin playing the role of Lando in this much anticipated musical teleserye! But then wait no more since Monday will be the first day for "Idol" in Primetime Bida right after "Noah" only in ABS-CBN! Exciting...oh yeah! C",)

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