An Ending Full of Good Values in 'Agua Bendita'!

Forgiveness, acceptance, and close family ties...! These were just the three important values in life emphasized by the final episode of this hit fantasy-drama TV series!

At the first part of its ending, a big tragedy and vengeance were received by the Cristi family. Criselda (Dimples Romania) as well as Wowa (Pilar Pilapil) came up with an evil plan to destroy family Cristi!

During the surprise birthday celebration for Mercedez (Vina Morales), a big explosion happened right after the burning of her birthday venue! The boat where Agua was there was bombarded by the top villains!

But the bad deed returned to its sinner! The explosion lead for the capture of Criselda. She was penalized for a lifetime imprisonment, But before she was put in prison, she was able to ask forgiveness from he son Paco (Jason Abalos) and willingly accepts the consequences to her life!

The former beautiful Wowa who easily gets angry with the ugly or abnormal people also received her Karma! Though she was saved from the danger of explosion, her beauty suffered! The burn caused more danger in her face!

And of course, Agua is still alive! In the end of the story, she finally reunites with her family! Bendita was very happy with their reunion!

And the very good thing in the story was that, even though Agua remains as a water form, she willingly accepts herself! According to her, it is given to her by God! She needs to accept herself as what she are so that other people will also accept her! "Kung hindi ko tatanggapin ang sarili ko bilang ako, paano ako tatanggapin ng tao...? Kung hindi ko matututunang mamuhay ng normal, paano magiging normal ang tingin sa akin ng iba...?", emphasised by Agua!

In the end, Agua, Bendita, and the rest of the casts live a happy normal life! So inspiring and so very nice! I like how the ending goes! Great one Kapamilya! Therefore, let's all watch this very good ending of "Agua Bendita"! C",)

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