The Rivalry Intensifies in 'Magkaribal'!

Every night, more and more breath-taking and unexpected episodes were witnessed in this hit fashion-serye on TV "Magkaribal"! The two latest episodes of it were really so exciting! We didn't expect that it will happen!

"The Funeral" episode is another interesting chapter in this Primetime TV series. Manuel (Mark Gil), the father of both Victoria (Gretchen Barretto) and Gelai (Bea Alonzo) and the wife of Vera (Angel Aquino) died in an unexpected accident!

This death of a good father will ignite another great fight between these three most-watched characters!

Manuel finally discovered that his younger daughter Angela is still alive! Accidentally, Gelai told Manuel that she is finding her sister Ana (Grecthen Barretto). Manuel search more facts to know the truth and he finally proves that Gelai is Angela!

Manuel decided to reunited Victoria and Gelai. At last, Victoria can finally forgive him! He even asked forgiveness to the known father of Gelai and Victoria who took care of her daughters as well as gave thanks to them!

Manuel also discovered that Vera already knew the truth! Because of this, Vera intends to suicide by jumping in the top of the tall building!

Gelai and Chloe (Erich Gonzales) saw Vera intended to commit suicide! Immediately Chloe called her dad Manuel to stop Vera. On the other hand, Gelai is negotiating Vera to calm down and go with her! But while Gelai is in the act of helping Vera, she was accidentally pulled leading both of them hanging in the tall building!

Manuel came to rescue the two ladies. He already saved Vera, But when he pulled his daughter hands, Manuel accidentally felt in the building! He was officially declared as almost dead on arrival!

The death of Manuel give rise to more fight! Victoria wants to get the body of his father! Vera didn't allowed! Vera even promise for a more revenge to Gelai and Victoria as she blamed these two girls for the death of her husband! Chloe on the other hand very much hate Gelai because of the event!

What will be the fate of Gelai and Victoria now that their father is dead?! Will they have a chance to know that they were actually sisters?! How far will Vera seek for revenge?! Who will win, who will lose in this another great fight?! These were just some of the next exciting episodes in this so-called 'In na In' TV series on Primetime! So tragic and very much dramatio! C",)

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