Another Tragic Episode in 'Magkaribal'!

Another tragic episode was recently witnessed in this so-called fashion-serye on TV called "Magkaribal"! This is the episode wherein the father of Gelai (Bea Alonzo), Chloe (Erich Gonzales), and Victoria (Gretchen Barretto) accidentally died as he felt from the tall building when he was saving Gelai!

This is also one of the saddest part in this teleserye! Manuel (Mark Gil) already asked apology from all the mistakes he had done! He also planed to rejoin her daughters Ana and Angela!

And finally Victoria accepted his father but it's too late! She wants to get the body of his father to Vera which served as a sign that she already forgave her father!

And this episode also ignites a more rivalry and a more great fight! What will happen next now that their father is dead!

So let's all watch this "The Funeral" episode of "Magkaribal" which was shown just this Friday! It feels like crying watching this one!

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