Will 'Queen Seon Deok' Finally Reign in the End?!

GMA Telebabad Koreanovela primetime offering "Queen Seon Deok" is also facing its final week this week! Yup, this Friday will be the final night for the Queen who was well-loved by all Kapuso.

As we always see in the approaching final rounds of different TV series, "Queen Seon Deok" battle is also intensifying! But the major question goes, will "Queen Seon Deok" finally reign in the end?!

"Queen Seon Deok" is the very first Korean drama offered by the Kapuso network for their primetime block. It last on primetime from the first quarter of 2010 up to the current upcoming third quarter!

The story is somewhat an epic battle of a queen in a traditional old Korean period setting. Just like the story wherein the characters where facing different battles and fighting, the Koreanovela itself is also facing a real-life battle against its rivals in terms of TV rating fight!

Placed in the very last timeslot of Telebabad facing "Rubi" and "SNN" in the rival network, there were times that this said show won in the race! But majority of the TV rating results, it was defeated by its rivals!

Well if you're to ask me, the story of this Asianovela is very great. Maybe it received poor acceptance from the viewers as revealed by TV ratings was just only because its timeslot! Since it is placed in the very late at night slot, people special those studying and working at the next day didn't able to watch this. They rather sleep early to prepare themselves for tomorrow's work rather that to watch TV overnight.

But for the final night of this said Asian TV series, I assure that this gonna be an exciting ending to watch! All the questions in our mind will finally be answer this coming Friday! So, we can all promise a full-force support for the one and only reigning queen of Telebabad Primetime, "Queen Seon Deok"! Goodluck! C",)

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