"He's Beautiful" Original Full Trailer!

The craze for Asianovela will once again hit our TV screen and will eventually create another mark on Philippine television as the so-called "first and true home of Koreanovela" will start a new Asian series to watch!

On Hapontastic starting this Monday, the story of a boyband will be witnessed!

But what if a boyband has a girl member?! Can we still call it as a boyband? And what will be the hardships undergone of this particular girl if she's trying to live in a group of all boys?!

Well having now as a title of "He's Beautiful", this Koreanovela with an original title of "You're Beautiful" is one of the most watched Korean TV series with a light cool genre. Produced by SBS, this said drama aired in Korea every Wednesday and Thursday nights from October 7, 2009 to November 26, 2009.

I know you already watched the teaser of this new TV series aired by ABS-CBN. But do you actually see its original trailer?! Well today, I will share with you the original trailer of this new Korenovela. Let's all see how its original trailer goes! Enjoy! C",)

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