Will It Be the Ending of Bendita?!

It's gonna be another exciting week in this top-rated phenomenal TV series of Primetime Bida called "Agua Bendita"! The twins Agua and Bendita will be celebrating their 18th birthdays.

As they say, 18 years old is the start of a new life for a the girl who already turned into a lady! But in this episode, will it be a start of a new life or a death of a particular life?!

Before the debuts of Agua and Bendita, a sudden tragedy will happen to Bendita.

Bendita will be kidnapped by the group of Baldo (Carlos Agassi). She will be imprisoned in the factory of ice! There, the water form Bendita will turn into a human ice!

A big surprised will be unfold by Wowa (Pilar Pilapil) during the actual debut of Agua. She will present in the crowd the iced human Bendita. Until the human ice eventually fell in the floor as Wowa tapped it!

Eventually, the ice broke into pieces! Ohhh...! How sad this moment! Will it be the tragic ending of Agua's twin Bendita?! Will Bendita still able to return to her original form?!

It's really a very interesting episodes to be witnessed this week! A truly breath-talking one! Of course, avid televiewers will surely watch this sad-tragic chapter in the life of Agua and Bendita! Now the question goes, will this particular episode in "Agua Bendita" once again creates a remarkable highest TV ratings nationwide and in Mega Manila?! I'm pretty sure it will be another breaking top-rating record in the history of television! Nice one Kapamilya! Bravo! C",)

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