How Tragic Will Be the Finale of 'Rubi'?!

Three days to go and we will finally witness the most tragic ending on Philippine TV series! How tragic will be the final episode of this hottest Mexiconovela "Rubi"!

On the succeeding episodes this final week, Hector (Diether Ocampo) will finally see the video of Rubi (Angelica) and Alejandro (Jake Cuenca) having a romantic affair! Because of this big evidence, Hector will almost kill Rubi including the baby inside Rubi's womb!

But before this tragic episode, it was Elisa (Coney Reyes) who will first discover the video. And she will going to tell it to Hector!

And before these upcoming breath-taking chapters, the good thing is that, Rubi finally beg apology for all the bad things she had done to her bestfriend Maribel (Shaina Magdayao)!

Well, to ready yourself to this ultimate tragic finale, here is the Tuesday, August 10 episode of "Rubi". Credit to the owner of this video! Exciting one! So let's all watch and see! C",)

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