Three New Love Pairs in the New Teaser of 'Kokey @ Ako'!

"Kokey @ Ako" will be landing so very soon in Primetime Bida! He will come not alone, but with a partner!

Yup, "Kokey @ Ako" will introduce new cool pairs on TV! It's actually three pairs! First the pair of Toni Gonzaga and Vhong Navarro! Second is the so-called 'loveteam ng masa' Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco collectively known as Melason! And third, our alien bidas, Kokey and Kekay! Yeah, Kokey has a partner now!

It's so exciting! Not one but three...! Three new pairs will be watch every night on Primetime Bida! So are you excited to meet them?!

Here is a new teaser of "Kokey @ Ako" featuring the six main characters namely Toni, Vhong, Melai, Jason, Kokey, and Kekay! Let's all meet them and laugh with them! They will surely dominate our Primetime TV habits! Cool! C",)

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