The Shampoo Commercial of the Three New Teleserye Princesses!

Erich Gonzales, Empress Schuck, and Andi Eigenmann are now the three new hottest princesses of TV series! They were now so popular and very famous.

As proof of their widest popularity, they were now dominating not only our TV screens but even the print media, endorsements, and TV commercials.

One of their TV commercials is the Pantene Shampoo. Erich, Empress, and Andi were the three additions to the brightest endorsers of this shampoo brand. Their beauties were very much emphasized in this new TVC! They three were very much nice to watch!

So are you ready to revisit the Pantene Shampoo TV commercial of these three young pretty ladies?! Well, here you go:

And of course, I have also with you the video of the launching of these three ladies as the new endorsers of this shampoo. Together with Angel Aquino, Carla Abellana, and Ms. Claudine Barretto, Erich, Empress, and Andi ramp in fame!

Let's watch them all:

Bravo Erich, Empress, and Andi! You three were really so promising! Your stars will further shine the brightest! Keep it up! Nice! C",)

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