This Generation's Owners of 'Tatak Ng Agimat'!

The first batch of this generation's so called "tagapagmana ng Agimat" is very successful! "Tiyagong Akyat", "Pepeng Agimat", "Tonyong Bayawak" and "Elias Paniki" created a remarkable spot in the trends of TV series! The four of them relive the magic of 'Agimat' which started by the Agimat King Ramon Revilla Sr.!

In any other parameters these four new Agimat superheroes were powerful and victorious! In terms of fame, they were all well-known! In terms of TV ratings game, they all grabbed the No. 1 spot on weekends. Their stars all shine the brightest! They created their very own trademarks!

Let's have a quick glance to the first batch of these hunky new Agimat superheroes:

Gerald Anderson

Jolo Revilla

Coco Martin

Jake Cuenca

Gerald Anderson, Jolo Revilla, Coco Martin, and Jake Cuenca proved that they really deserve to be called as the new tagapagmana ng Agimat! They were able to continue the magic and legend of Revilla's omelet now in the modern world!

This Saturday after the final episode of Jake Cuenca's "Elias Paniki", a special TV program entitled "Tatak Ng Agimat" will be shown! This will pay tributes to the successful successors of Agimat! And of course will lead to the coming of the second batch, the four new Agimat superheroes! Expect to know more trivia and information about this hit Agimat series!

Our bored Saturday nights really became so active and exciting because of these four Agimat guys! In every episodes of their fantasy series, they gave us breath-taking scenes! They created their own paths! You will really ask for more! Well, maybe these were some of the reasons why the second batch immediately follows so soon! Great!

In my own experience, I really love to watch these four "Agimat Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla"! From "Tiyagong Akyat" to "Elias Paniki", they were all superb! They all made very good jobs and great performances! Nice! In your case, who among these four Agimat hunks you loved most? And which of these four fantasy TV series you like and excites you most?! It's up to you! You can even cast your votes for the four of them on the right side! =)

And of course, I am also excited for the special TV program called "Tatak Ng Agimat" this Saturday as well as the "Elias Paniki" ending! I'll go home early this Saturday to watch these! Cool! Congratz guys...! C",)

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