Facing the Last Fight of 'Elias Paniki'!

Two Jake Cuenca will finally face-off this Saturday in the last episode of Agimat Ang Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla presents "Elias Paniki"!

Jake Cuenca is playing a dual role in this said fantasy series. One being the good witch fighter named Elias while the other one is the bad leader of witch named Armando, the father of Elias!

Who will win between these two Jakes? Will the forces of evil be finally defeated now in the modern world or they will once again emerge victorious for many times around?!

The two Jake Cuenca in this said TV series is not only fighting for supernatural power and supremacy. They were also fighting for a one girl Amanda (Sam Pinto). Armando wants Amanda to be his long term wife and his queen of all witches. But Amanda is currently the girlfriend of Elias. Elias and Amanda were truly loving each other!

With his bad intentions, Armando finally got Amanda from Elias. He then actually made his rituals together with Amanda!

But Elias together with his group joined hands to save Amanda from Armando. They were in full force to fight the evil witches! Heavy action and fantasy is about to witness!

Will the group of Elias able to fight the evil witches?! Can they save Amanda from Armando? Will Elias defeats his father Armando or will Armando finally gets his son and converts him to a bad witch?!

This will be an exciting and breath-taking finale this Saturday! And of course the main question goes, will Elias die or stay alive in the ending?! If you may observe, almost all the Agimat heroes (from "Tiyagong Akyat" to "Tonyong Bayawak") died in the end!

And besides the ending of "Elias Paniki" this Saturday, we will have a walkthrough with all the Agimat heroes in a show called "Tatak Ng Agimat"! Another back to back episode will be witness! So, we will finally complete our first batch of this generation's Agimat collection this Saturday only in ABS-CBN! See yah...!!! C",)

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