The Story of a Copycat!

"Copycat"...this is a very popular word made famous by the so-called Primera Kontrabida Ms. Cherie Gil! In their classic movie with the Megastar Ms. Sharon Cuneta called "Bituin Walang Ningning", her line saying "Your nothing but a second rate trying hard Copycat..." is a an immortal line!

That same line was revived in a TV series when ABS-CBN made their TV remake of this hit movie way back in 2006. This time Sarah Geronimo and Angelika Dela Cruz assumed the previous roles of Mega and Cherie Gil.

In the blogging world, copycat or copying is also very popular! Everyone of us loves to copy a content, a word or a phrase, or even images of our favorite topic. But the question goes, do we know who copied our articles or what are the contents being copied?! Well, a blogger's weapon has something to do with this!

Have you already heard the so-called blogger's secret weapon? Or maybe this thing is very much first time to your ear?! Well co-bloggers, this post will be helpful to all of us!

When I learned about this tool from the net, I immediately created an account then when I installed it in my sites, I was so glad about the results! It's all about a Blog Copy tool! =)

The Name That Will Amaze You

As a blogger, I know all of us were conscious about our rankings, traffic rates, number of hits and visits, and overall performance of our website in the internet. But aside from these things, are you also conscious about the numbers of words, phrases, or paragraphs copied from your website?!

Well, take a quick glance on the following reports from my newly created Blog Copy account. You may click the images to enlarge and see the complete details!

Sample Copied Posts or Phrases or Words from the Posts

Statistic Graph

Yup, these were made possible by the tool called Blog Copy! As they say, it is a blogger's secret weapon since the copier of your posts didn't know that their copied words or phrases were being monitored or recorded! How does it works?! Well, it's so simple based on my own experience!

First I created an account in the Blog Copy. Then I add a blog. I installed the provided widget in my site specifically in the toolbar to cover all the pages in my site. You may check if the widget you had installed is working by clicking a tool bar in your Blog Copy account. A message prompt will appear saying that you successfully installed the code in your particular site.

To see how it works, try to copy a word or a phrases from your site then log-in to your account. Immediate, there are reports generated in your site's dashboard that would tell you what are the contents copied, top copied words, and an analytical graph!

It's simple right! I was so happy to see how it works! I even registered all my blog sites in my Blog Copy account to further monitor their performance! It's so great! I was so amazed...! Nice one! C",)

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