The 'Black and White' Full Trailer!

After we see how the story of this upcoming new Asian series in TV5 will run through its quick synopsis, time now to watch its full trailer! Yup, this is the original trailer of this new Asianovela in Mandarin! =)

This action-packed cool Asian series is top billed by the hottest Asian stars today led by Vic Zhou and Mark Chao with Ivy Chen. Vic and Mark will play the role of two cops with opposing characters!

They were two policemen who were totally different but were destined to work together and solve a particular crime! As the trailer describes them, one Alfie loves flirting and cares nothing but saving his skin...while the other man who is too aggressive on cases drives everyone crazy...! can these two hottest cops able to work together knowing their difference?! Will they able to accomplish their mission since they two have different values?! How will this difference can put them together in one big goal?!

Well let's find out as the Kapatid network started airing this new exciting Asianovela! For now, join me as I watch this original "Black and White" full trailer! I'm really excited with one! Cool! C",)

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