The Magical Beginning of 'Ilumina'!

The most-anticipated new telefantasya of GMA-7 started its pilot episode in their Telebabad block! Rhian Ramos-Aljur Abrenica-Jackie Rice TV series called "Ilumina" had a so-called magical pilot episode!

On the pilot episode, how the story started was told like a flashback when the main cast Romana (Rhian Ramos) reminisced their past with her former Siamese twin Krisanta (Jackie Rice). Their fight started in the very beginning as Krisanta came.

As Romana reminisced the past, we all witnessed how they came on earth! The love story between their parents Elsa (Ara Mina) and Romano (Cesar Montano) which was then tried to be separated by the other woman, Melina (Jean Garcia) was unfold! During their wedding, Melina came and tried to stop it but Elsa and Romano didn't allowed it since the two couple were truly loving each other! With pain and sufferings in her heart, Melina went out but with a promise of revenge!

Elsa and Romano on the other hand started to be a happily married couple knowing that Elsa is already pregnant and about to give birth! But one night Melina visited Elsa with a magical power on her hands!

What's next on the pilot of this story?! Well, it's for you to watch! Here is the complete pilot episode of "Ilumina" as credit from the owner! Enjoy and see the magic! C",)

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