Lee Min Ho Shares His Updates on His Kapamilyas!

"Boys Over Flowers" hottest hunk star and the leader of F4 popularly known as Jhun Pyo, Lee Min Ho shares his latest updates on the Kapamilya network!

SNN host Ms. Bianca Gonzales was able to interviewed this hottest Korean superstar and her interview with this guy was featured in the recent episode of Showbiz News Ngayon (SNN)!

As per the interview, Lee Min Ho is currently the new endorser of LG electronics. Lee Min Ho was in the launching of their new product brand.

Lee Min Ho warmly greets his avid Kapamilya fans. He willingly tell his latest endorsers, commercials, and some of the exciting things about him. He even shares their behind the scenes in their commercial with Sandara (Dara) Park which they had a kissing scene. According to him, that commercial was taken three times! He even said that Dara is really, really now a famous superstar in their country!

But most of all, he tells about his upcoming new Koreanovela! Yup, the long wait will be over as the new TV series of Lee Min Ho will be shown so soon in ABS-CBN! Great! =)

At the end of the interview, Bianca describes how handsome and flawless this hunk heartthrob. His skin is really smooth, white, and without any pores. His hair in person is really straight and not curly like the one we seen on TV! And the jeans he is wearing is fully fit! It's fitter than the one wore by Bianca! Haha!

So, these were just some of the latest about our Korean idol Lee Min Ho. Don't worry 'coz sooner, a new TV series wherein he is the main cast will be shown! Exciting...! Can't wait for that! Goodluck Jhun Pyo! C",)

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