Lorna Tolentino's Comeback Marks The Nearly Exit of 'Momay' on Earth!

The character of Ms. Lorna Tolentino in the top-rated pre-Primetime fantaserye of ABS-CBN "Momay" returns. On the recent episodes, we already seen how Ms. LT was saved from the accident and some of the mysteries in her lost were eventually discovered!

But, will there be anymore chance that Momay and Ms. LT's character (Shirley) be together again since the stay of Momay on earth is counted?!

Yup, Momay's time on earth is nearly over. Sooner she will be returned to heaven!

Momay's life on earth now defends on the so-called 'flower of life' or "bulaklak ng buhay"! How long or how short her life here defends on this special magical flower!

But if it's that case, how can she change the life of her younger brother Justin (Ejay Falcon)? How can her other missions on earth be accomplished if she has now a very limited time?!

These were just some of the exciting chapters in the life of "Momay" as well as the other characters around her! Of course, the reunion of Momay and her mother Shirley is very much awaited! How soon can she finds her mother?! What other struggles will be faced by this cute little ghost? And also expect that more emotional scenes will be witness as Momay and Shirley met!

So let us all catch this cute ghost story every night in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida before TV Patrol World! C",)

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