Two Look-Alike Gerald and Lance Face Off!

People always say that these two gorgeous young men were look alike. According to many, they two have a great resemblance!

The "Gimik 2010" heartthrob Lance Christopher is now one of the hottest and teen's favorite star. His tandem with Jessy Mendiola was very much appreciated. And many fans say that Lance has a very much resemblance with the Prince of Philippine Movies and TV and today's Action-Drama Prince Mr. Gerald Anderson!

Hmmm...can you spot the difference and similarities with these two hot young hunks?

Lance Christopher

Gerald Anderson

Well are you convince that they were really look alike?!

Actually on the very first appearance of Gerald Anderson on TV, he really looks like Lance. He shows a very promising career on TV! He was too young before!

The previous looks and style of Gerald Anderson before is now seen on the newcomer Lance Christopher! With his previous role in "Gimik 2010", he eventually becomes crush ng bayan! Just like Gerald, Lance is having the same path with the Golden Boy!

Now Gerald Anderson is one of the biggest name in Philippine Showbiz! Not only that, he is totally has a new look now...more mature, more handsome, more looks like a man, and really, really, hot with a sexy body! You can't imagine that an ordinary teenage star before is one of the hottest actor and leading an today with just a short span of time!

Now the question goes, will Lance be the same as Gerald later on?! Will he be one of the hottest and sexiest actor someday?! Will he also got a too hot and sexy body to die for like Gerald?! Well, we will see! But as of these days, Lance is also one of the hottest young star! I'm sure his star will shine the brightest someday!

Gerald and Lance, two good and beautiful actors today, two heartthrobs, and two similar faces! Do you agree that they two have a resemblance?! C",)

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  1. When the photo appeared in my account I thought it was edited. They look like twins!

  2. they look very simialr to me one just has a slighty wider face than the other.