Bendita Transforms Back as Kontrabida in 'Agua Bendita'!

After the life of Agua and Bendita changed as they two changed in form wherein Agua became the human form and Bendita is now the water form, more conflicts arise in their lives.

Bendita then became prison by the characters of Dimple Romania and Carlos Agassi while Agua finally returned in their home. But Agua didn't able to live freely. She was then imprisoned by the crime done by Bendita to Solita (Bing Loyzaga). Agua sacrificed her free live just to save Bendita!

And the most important thing that happened was that, finally Bendita became kind and she finally reconciled with Agua. They two together with their respective men, Ronnie (Matteo Guidiceili) and Paco (Jason Abalos) shared a happy life together in the resort even for a short period of time!

Bendita even able to escape from the hands of evil and reunited once again with her family. Her wowa, Dona Amalia (Pilar Pilapil) was prohibited anymore to enter or visit the Cristi family because of the bad things she had done in the family. They were even at war with Bendita!

The changing for good of Bendita is only for a meantime! Last week we all see how Bendita became angry again with her twin sister Agua.

This is when Bendita knew from Solita that Ronnie and Agua were finally married! With a closed mind, Bendita didn't listen to her family that Ronnie and Agua got married to be able to save her from prison. Agua pretended to be Bendita just to save her beloved twin sister! But these good deeds and martyrdom of Agua were misinterpreted by Bendita!

On this week's episode of this hit No. 1 fantaserye today, see how Bendita return as 'kontrabida'! How a renewed Bendita back again as a bad girl will be seen! We will all witness how she will collaborate again with her wowa to fight aganst Agua and how she will use the healing "tubig ng bukal" for her own goods! It's Bendita transformation back as primera kontrabida in "Agua Bendita" tonight in Primetime Bida right after "Noah"! What then will be the fate of Bendita afterward?! C",)

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