Kim Bum Returns on Primetime!

One of the hottest and the cutest member of the Korean F4 Kim Bum already made his comeback on the Philippine TV! And he was already seen in Primetime!

Oops...if you think he made a comeback in the Kapamilya network, think again! Actually he made a comeback via Kapuso network in their Telebabad block! He has a special appearance in the recently started Koreanovela in the Kapuso station called "East of Eden"!

Kim Bum plays the 15-year old Dong-Chul. Yeah, he is the young Dong-Chul in the "East of Eden"!

At first, I we didn't recognized that he is Kim Bum since the young Dong-Chul in the said Asian Drama is too young. Kim Bum is too young in this said TV series. His looks in this "East of Eden" is slightly different with his looks in the "Boys Over Flowers". He looks younger here while in the BOF, he really looks a young man, a cute bachelor!

Well, we can really expect a difference in the looks of Kim Bum in this two shows since "East of Eden" ran in Korea in 2008 while "Boys Over Flowers" was in 2009!

So to contrast and compare the looks of Kim Bum in this two TV series, I have here with you the pictures of Kim Bum. Try to take a quick glance on the pictures above. Yup, these are the pictures of Kim Bum from present backward! On the topmost is his very recent shot while below are his younger versions! Maybe on the second picture, his youngest look, is his look in the "East of Eden"! Nice!

Beside "Boys Over Flowers" and "East of Eden", get ready to see a newer look of Kim Bum. This time he will look more hunky as he plays as a boxer in the upcoming Kapamilya Asianovela, "Dream"! It will start very soon on ABS-CBN! Truly can't wait for that!

By now, let us all enjoy a short comeback of Kim Bum in the "East of Eden". Though he only has a very short exposure in this said TV series, fans really avidly watch for him! He's so cool even though he has many heavy-dramatic scenes! Good job Kim Bum! Idol! C",)

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