'Rubi' Ends No. 2 in Mega Manila!

The ending of our very own 'bidang-kontrabida' named "Rubi" is really unexpected! The ending itself and its performance in terms of the TV rating game gave us lots of surprises!

First, is its tragic finale! Although I already expect that a tragic ending awaits "Rubi" since the original Mexican version of it is really tragic! Yeah, so tragic! Actually the one we had last Friday is not that tragic!

Yup! Did you know that in its original version Rubi is still a bad girl?! She tried to gunshot Maribel during her wedding with Alejandro. But her auntie prevented the gunshot intended for Maribel that's why she was the one who died! She gave birth to a beautiful girl who got a very much resemblance with Rubi!

Hector still died in the original version. But before Hector died, he gave all his wealth to Rubi! And Rubi also lose his feet! She didn't able to walk! But in the original version, Rubi remains as bad as she is! The good thing in our Pinoy remake, Rubi becomes a kind girl and ask apology to all the bad deeds she has done!

Now another surprising thing about this "Rubi" finale is its TV rating. Imagine, we couldn't expect that it took the No. 2 spot in the AGB Mega Manila People's Ratings Wow! "Rubi" airs very late at night and we all know that Mega Manila is already hold by GMA-7, but "Rubi" still managed to placed second next to "Endless Love"! Great!

Below is the Primetime Mega Manila TV ratings last Friday during the ending of "Rubi"!

August 13, 2010 Friday


1. Endless Love (GMA-7) – 14.4%
2. Rubi (ABS-CBN) – 14.1%
3. Ilumina (GMA-7) – 13.9%
4. 24 Oras (GMA-7) / Agua Bendita (ABS-CBN) – 13.6%
5. Pilyang Kerubin (GMA-7) – 13.3%
6. Magkaribal (ABS-CBN) – 12.8%
7. Noah (ABS-CBN) – 12.5%
8. TV Patrol (ABS-CBN) – 11%
9. Momay (ABS-CBN) / SNN (ABS-CBN) – 8.1%
10. Bubble Gang (GMA-7) – 7.8%

(AGB Mega Manila People Ratings)

Well, to all the casts and crews of "Rubi", a job well done! Nice TV series remake! Viewers will gonna miss this soap! Congratz and hoping to see another new teleserye from you! Great! C",)

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