Episode 5 - Truth Versus Lies in 'Maling Akala'!

Lies and pretension get deeper and deeper in this fifth episode of the comedy-light drama of Your Song Presents "Maling Akala"! The characters of Kim Chiu and Ms. Ai-Ai Delas Alas were not the only characters who were making a camouflage, but worse are the people closer to them!

Attorney Mark (John Apacible) is now forcing Ai-Ai's character to sign the documents stating that she is now transferring their wealth on him!

On the other hand, the characters of Alex Castro and Kim Chiu were now getting closer and closer with one another! But the question goes, is this for real? Or it is another form of lies?! And it seems that Kim's character is now falling in love with Alex!

Meanwhile Kim's role then decided to tell the whole truth to the real Carl Anda (Van Roxas). They two meet together in their house!

This is another exciting and breath-taking episode of "Maling Akala" as this hit Sunday afternoon TV series is facing its nearer end! Well before its final episode this coming Sunday, let's all watch the second to the last episode of "Maling Akala"! Truth is mend to reveal! Great one! C",)

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