The Mystery in the So-Called 'Tatak Ng Agimat'!

After the ending of "Elias Paniki" last Saturday, immediately another Agimat followed! Just like the previous Agimat series in every ending, the beginning of a new Agimat superhero then followed back-to-back with it! But this time four Agimat superheroes were witnessed in a real-life episode!

Yup Gerald Anderson, Jolo Revilla, Coco Martin, and Jake Cuenca who were this generation's "Tiyagong Akyat", "Pepeng Agimat", "Tonyong Bayawak", and "Elias Paniki" were merged together in full force! A league of Agimat heroes was witnessed as these four hot guys were combined!

Actually on this TV program, they were not acting or fighting with the evil forces. Rather they were hosting! Yup, they hosted this special TV documentary called "Tatak Ng Agimat"! It is a special TV documentary about the real agimat which is part of the Filipino culture! This is a very informative TV program!

So let us all uncover the real mystery of agimat and get to know more trivia about this! Great TV program! C",)

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