Will It Be a Sexier Zanjoe Marudo in 'Kristine' Series?!

It's oozing and tempting...! So hot, sexy, and irresistible! These were just some of the words to describe the upcoming TV series in Primetime Bida called "Kristine" series, the new installation from Precious Hearts Romances Presents. As you can see in the trailer, hot bodies of the main casts were exposed! As they say, "trailer pa lang ulam na..."!

One of the main character in the story who is very much awaited by the viewer is the hunk actor Zanjoe Marudo! Will it be a sexier and hotter Zanjoe Marudo will be seen in this new teleserye?!

Well, it's not only a sexier and hotter...it's much bolder Zanjoe! Oh...!

As the teaser and pictures of the said new TV series shown, the characters were really too hot to handle! "Nag-aapoy...naglalagablab...!"

As per Zanjoe, his role here is more challenging! He will show his other acting stints here. It's more drama and emotional! But of course, too sexy! =)

On TV, Zanjoe already portrays different roles. On his daily gag show "Banana Split", Zanjoe shows his cool comic side. Big Brother was surprised seeing his former shy and quiet housemate Zanjoe doing comedy! What more he even proves that he is also one of the best drama actor today. That's why he was given many TV series one after another! A comedy shows like "Banana Split" and "Parekoy", fantasy series via "Dyosa", and drama series in two adaptations of the hit Koreanovelas "The Wedding" and "Lovers In Paris"!

Now it's time for Zanjoe to be totally portrays a sexy role! In "Kristine" series, he will play the role of Jaime the love interest of Jewel (Cristine Reyes). Zanjoe and Cristine complement one another! They were a perfect tandem! Both of them were sexy, hot, and oozing with charm!

Zanjoe Marudo as well as the other casts like Cristine Reyes, Denise Laurel, and Rafael Rosell were very much awaited in this new romance-drama and sexy TV series "Kristine" from the pocketbook of Martha Ceciia. But, your long wait will finally over as this new soap will be shown in Primetime Bida this August 16 replacing "Rubi"! And tonight right after TV Patrol World, the full trailer of "Kristine" will be aired! Wow, so exciting...! Really can't wait for this! C",)

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