'Diva', The Final Showdown!

One day to go and we will finally witness the grand showdown in Philippine TV series. Tomorrow will be the finally of GMA-7's so-called 'kantaerye' "Diva"!

Like an ordinary TV show, the public would ask, will it be a happy ending for their beloved bida?! Or another tragic story in the end?!

On the recent episode, we all witness the farewell of Samathan's dad (Buboy Galubirio). A lonely song bid goodbye for the beloved father of Sam. The whole cast say goodbye and thankful for the father. Sam (Regine Velasquez) gave a red rose on his father before putting his body six feet below the grow!

On the next final two episodes, who between the two men of Samathan will she choose? Will it be the character of Mark Anthony Fernandez or the role of TJ Trinidad? Hmmm...two men were fighting for a not so beautiful woman but with a very beautiful heart!

Meanwhile, what will happen to the final showdown of Sam and Tiffany (Glaiza De castro)?! Who will reign as the "Diva"?! Then of course, what will be the final destiny of the hatred villains?!

Well, we will see all these consequences in the last two days of this musical soap opera on TV! Grab your ticket on your TV screen to watch this final episode! See yah! C",)

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