Who Will Bid Goodbye in 'Rubi'?!

Tragedy in the lives of Rubi (Angelica Panganiban), her mother Rosanna (Cherry Pie Picache), her father Arturo (Gardo Versoza), as well as the other persons around her like Hector (Diether Ocampo), Alejandro (Jake Cuenca), Maribel (Shaina Magdayao), and even Sylvanna (Cherie Gil) is nearer and nearer! Whose life will be taken by this tragedy brought by the vengeance Danilo (Allan Paule)?!

On the recent episode, the team of Rubi is preparing for their own fashion show, the Rubi Collection that will compete against their rival Sylvanna and Maribel. Sylvanna didn't want to lose against Rubi's show so she decided to publish the upcoming event in the major newspapers.

But Alejandro is against to this Sylvanna's act. According to him, Danilo would easily find Rubi's whereabouts if the events were advertised. But as per Sylvanna, its all about business! And she doesn't want to lose her business because of this!

To shortcut the story, during fashion show showdown of Rubi, Danilo also came! With a big gun, he will shoot the ramping girl! Now the question goes, will Rubi be shot?! If not, who's life would sacrifice? Who would die and say goodbye to this TV series?!

Will it be Alejandro, Maribel, Hector, Sylvanna, Arturo, or Rosanna (knowing that Ms. Cherry Pie Picache had so many TV shows today and needs to drop one of those!) Well, well, well too early to predict by now. Let's see and check on the next episodes this week if we got the correct guess! Exciting and breath-taking! C",)

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