In the Beginning...The Pilot Episode of 'Noah'!

The start of this much anticipated Piolo Pascual-Zaijan Jaranilla fantasy series started with a bang! The pilot episode is full of stories to tell.

Of course, it gives us a quick flashback on the early childhood experience of Gabriel (Piolo Pascual) with his father (played by Eric Fructuoso). His father was a carnapper that's why Gabriel decided to be a tough policeman who will capture his own father.

How the love story of Jodi Sta. Maria's character and Gabriel was also narrated in the story. Gabriel's battle with Judah (Joem Bascon) as the other suitor was also shown. It's the rich versus the poor but still the poor humble guy Gabriel won her heart!

Gabriel's first born child was also seen in the beginning of the story. The baby eventually grow into a young boy. And the tragic part of the story, the chapter wherein Noah fought with the leader of the syndicate (Daniel Fernando) was also focused!

So, let's stop talking and let us watch this complete pilot episode of "Noah"! Let's sit back and relax...!!! C",)

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