Precious Hearts Romances Presents 'Kristine' Full Trailer!

Everybody is really excited to see the full trailer of this hottest new Precious Hearts Romances Presents offering called "Kristine"! Last Wednesday right after TV Patrol World, all avidly waited and watched the full trailer!

Have you able to watched this full trailer?! Or will you want to repeat watching it?! Well, here is a short video clip of "Kristine" series full trailer! As they say, trailer pa lang ulam na...! The characters led by Zanjoe Marudo, Cristine Reyes, Denise Laurel, and Rafael Rosell were really, really hot and tempting! This new TV series will surely put our nights on fire!

So, let's all watch the full trailer of "Kristine"! This will start on August 16 in Primetime Bida replacing "Rubi"! C",)

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