Two Faced Jake Cuenca in 'Elias Paniki'!

Hottest and sexiest hunk actor model Jake Cuenca is now playing a dual role in the hit weekend fantaserye Agimat Mga Alamat Ni Ramon Revilla Presents "Elias Paniki"! Of course one is good while the other is bad!

The good character of Jake Cuenca in the said TV series is Elias, the defender and the witch fighter! With his bertud ng paniki, he could defeat all the wicked witches (mangkukulam)!

But on the recent episodes, mystery was unfold! Another character of Jake Cuenca appeared! The bad, the powerful, and the leader of the witch...! He is Armando, the immortal father of Jake! Yup, since the witches in this series were immortal, ageless, and undying, Armando maintained his young handsome look just like Elias!

Though Jake is playing a dual role, we can see the difference between these two characters! Elias is the actual look of Jake while Armando is a long-haired Jake! Jake even changes his voice every time he is playing Armando cool!

Since Armando and Elias share only one face, the group of Elias led by Gabriel (Xian Lim) thought that it was Elias who do the killings! This lead Elias to be expel in the group!

On the last 3 weeks of "Elias Paniki", will Elias be able to defeat his father Armando now that his known family was in the hands of Armando?! Will he able to save his family or he's the one to be defeated and eventually becomes part of the witches?! Well, these were just of the exciting things that we should know in the succeeding episodes of "Elias Paniki" every Saturday in ABS-CBN's Yes Weekends before "Twist and Shout"! Two thumbs up...! C",)

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