Kristine Hermosa Finally Appears in 'Noah'!

The long wait is over for the character of Ms. Kristine Hermosa in the top-rated fantaserye "Noah"! This week, she will finally appear in the said TV series.

Everybody is really excited to see the role of Kristine. Every viewer really guess if what will be the role of this beautiful actress in the said show. She was even not shown in the "Noah" teaser before. 'Till the pilot episode, no character of Kristine appeared. But this week, she is coming!

Kristine is playing the role of Eva, a beautiful pixie who watches over the island of "Noah". She is a beautiful white fairy that will guide the little forest boy Eli (Zaijan Jaranilla). As the trailer of the upcoming episodes this week, Eva is calming the sad and confused heart of Eli. Will Eli still search for his human origin? Or will he listen to the advice of the beautiful fairy?!

On the other hand, how will Gabriel (Piolo Pascual) meet the fairy Eva? Then of course, how will love blooms between these two creatures?!

It's definitely a love between two different worlds would exist in the succeeding episodes of "Noah". A love between a fairy and a human! Seems existing! Well, we'll gonna watch and see its progress! Great one "Noah"! C",)

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