Gary V. Plus Kimerald Equals Hit TV Series!

What is in common with these three Primetime TV series of the hottest love team today Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson or better known as Kimerald?!

Well, besides being a top-rater, have you observed that these three soaps' theme songs were sung by Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano? And actually the titles of the TV series itself were taken from the song title!

Since we are currently celebrating our 60TH Year of Pinoy Soap Opera, let us look back to these three hit teleseryes of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson which created a big mark on Philippine Television!

Sana Maulit Muli

Tayong Dalawa

Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo

It seems that the tandem of Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, and Gary Valenciano created a successful TV series! To date, these three TV series were really remarkable not only because they gained a very high ratings but because they were really talk of the town!

"Sana Maulit Muli" was the first-ever teleserye of Kimerald right after they went out from the Big Brother's house. On this first TV series, the tandem of Kim and Gerald marked the television. They were eventually became the favorite of all specially the teeners. This aired on TV from January to April of 2007. The original song of Gary V. called "Sana Maulit Muli" which was then revived by him was used for this soap. The story was a blend of romance and mystery. And did you know that Jake Cuenca was also in this soap? Yup, he played here as the older (Kuya) brother of Gerald Anderson!

On January 2009 up to October, the biggest hit teleserye of Kimerald called "Tayong Dalawa" was aired! This time, Jake Cuenca and Gerald Anderson played as a twin brother sharing the same name of David Garcia Jr. The theme of this soap is a romance-drama-action which gave Gerald the title of Primetime Action Drama Prince! Coco Martin was also the brother of Jake and Gerald. Coco's rise to stardom started here! And of course, the Rey Valera's classic song called "Tayong Dalawa" which was revived by Gary V. was used as the theme song and title of this teleserye.

Then from January to June of 2010, another soap taken from Rey Valera's classic OPM hit our TV. It was the turn of "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo". Just like the previous two, Gary V. revived the theme song! This time, Jake Cuenca was not anymore in the cast. Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, and Coco Martin shared the limelight. Kim and Coco played as the step siblings. Coco and Gerald served as the mortal enemies in the story. Until the finale of the soap, the characters of Gerald and Coco were fighting leaving one of them dead! This teleserye also created an impressive TV ratings both in Mega Manila and in Nationwide surveys!

So, did you observed the similarities and the trends?! What more can you noticed? Yup, did you see the dates?! All the three TV series started in January! Wow, what a coincidence!

Having a three (excluded the other soaps of Kimerald) big successful teleseryes like these makes the fans and viewers beg for more Kimerald telenovelas. Their tandem is a sure click! Of course, the Gary Valenciano's renditions of their theme songs add more popularity and spices.

Knowing these trends, what do you think will be the next TV series projects of Kim and Gerald together?! Will it be Gary V. who would sing their theme song? Will it be taken again from Rey Valera's classics? Or any other new stuffs?! Well, we will all see...!

But the reunion of Kim and Gerald seems far since there is a plan that they two will be working separately. They will be having new partners by now! will Kimerald fanatics accept this fact?! We'll gonna miss the two of them together. But it's still good to see them acting separately since they can now standalone and already had their individual names in the industry! Good luck Kim and Gerald! More TV series to come...!!! C",)

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