Will 'Panday Kids' Now Wins the Fight on Their Last Round?!

"Panday Kids", the GMA-7's fantaserye inspired by the Carlo J. Caparas hit comic novel "Panday" is yet to face their final battle this coming Friday.

Well, in this finale, two battles is yet to face by these three extra-ordinary kids. One is their battle in the said TV series against the evil lord Lizaldo (Marvin Agustin). The other one is their real-life battle in terms of the rating game! Will they both win in these two great fights?

Talking about the story, three kids were given a special power of panday to save the goods from the evils led by their master Lizaldo. After long years of inactivity, Lizaldo came back to life to distribute evilness and conquer the place! The three kids (led by Buboy Villar) were tasks to fight Lizaldo and his evil gang!

Now going to their real life battle, will "Panday Kids" now wins in the TV rating fight in their final day?! Looking at the viewership acceptance of this TV program, seems that they were always loosing! In the rating game (both in Mega Manila and Nationwide), they were always defeated by the Kapamilya Network's another fantasy-drama series "Agua Bendita"! Maybe these were some of the reasons why this fantasy TV series didn't last long on TV!

And also based on our conducted survey poll comparing the first TV remake of "Panday" with Jericho Rosales in ABS-CBN last 2005 against this one, still the Echo's version was the stronger!

Well on the final round, let's see how people accept this another TV version even in the very last fight! Will they won or will definitely lose 'till the very end?! Cast your votes! Goodluck kids...! C",)

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