Barbie Forteza and Jewel Mische Star in the Upcoming 'Pilyang Kerubin'

Two of GMA-7's new princesses Barbie Forteza and Jewel Mische will star in the upcoming fantaserye in Telebabad called "Pilyang Kerubin"!

For these two ladies, it's a comeback soap.

Barbie Forteza

Jewel Mische

Well for Barbie Forteza, it's a comeback after their teen-oriented series "First Time"! Then of course for Jewel Mische, it's a big comeback to her since we all know, she was not that active in TV after their telefantasya with Richard Gutierrez called "Kamandag"!

Talking about the story, "Pilyang Kerubin" is a story of a young Angel (Querobin) played by Barbie who was given a task on earth. He will mingle with the ordinary people on the planet!

I don't exactly know if Joshua Dionisio and Jake Vargas were also here in this new soap. Well if it's that the case, then the "First Time" trio will be reunited now in a fantasy series. And this will be their third soap together after "Stairway To Heaven" and "First Time"! We will then see if this will be...! C",)

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