The Ultimate Leading Man and the Miracle Boy in 'Noah'!

Finally the dream project of these two hottest stars today prosper! Before it was just a rumor, but now it's a reality!

The 'Ultimate Heartthrob and Leading Man' Mr. Piolo Pascual and the 'Miracle Boy' Zaijan 'Santino' Jaranilla are finally together in the upcoming huge fantasy series in ABS-CBN called "Noah"!

In this TV series, Piolo will be playing the role of Mikael, a police who will lose his son in an accident that changed the course of their lives eventually. Searching, Mikael will meet the little boy (Zaijan) who was raised in the wild forest.

It was a great shift in the characters for both Piolo and Zaijan. Known for being a drama leading man, Piolo will now shift to fantasy. Though we already seen him in the former hit fantaserye "Lobo", this is Piolo's second fantasy TV series right after the "Lovers In Paris" remake. Then after being a popular miracle boy with an angelic face in the former indisputable hit inspirational series "May Bukas Pa", Zaijan's role will now shift to a little boy who grew and raised in the wild forest!

Beside Piolo and Zaijan, the other cast that will join them according to the reports were Kristine Hermosa, Carmen Soo, Diether Ocampo, and Jolo Revilla.

Showing very soon in ABS-CBN Primetime Bida, everybody is really happy to see the comeback of Papa P. together with Santino on TV via this one big project. And they all assure that this is another big hit on TV! Wow, I am also excited to see this! Can't wait to see...Hehe! C",)

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