New Poll: The Most Exciting and the Best Hit New or Exciting TV Series!

The second quarter of 2010 is already taking place. And as the new quarter comes in, expect that brand new TV series are yet to come! More and more teasers of new TV series were already shown in two giant networks.

Well since we are on the new season, time now to cast your votes! It's another battle of your favorite existing and incoming TV series in terms of poll survey! Are you ready? Voting is now officially open!

Our new poll survey question goes: "Which of these new and existing TV Series excites you most and really certifies a big hit?!"

And our choices are:

Agua Bendita

Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo



Langit Sa Piling Mo

Pilyang Kerubin


Endless Love (Remake)

Encantadia (The Second Saga)

Captain Barbel



Kristine Series


Green Rose (Remake)

Kokey @ Ako



Which of these is or are your choice/choices?! Yup, you can choose multiple items since these TV series were not directly pitted against each other. Meaning, some were part of Primetime while others from noontime and each of them have a different time slots so you can vote as many as you want!

And also you may notice that these TV series were a combination of the upcoming soaps versus the existing ones! Yeah, I include the existing ones since they may be shown together or concurrently with the upcoming ones!

Well let us see if "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo" still will win in this second batch now that it is being pitted with new ones. Or maybe new teleseryes will emerge as the new hit knowing that many promising powerful soaps are yet to begin like "Noah", "Encantadia", "Magkaribal", and "Imortal", etc...! We will all see...!

You may vote on the upper right side of the page! Good luck teleseryes...! May the best soaps win! C",)

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  1. swerte abs cbn kay angel locsin.. she's the best.. lahat ng show niya laging number 1..

  2. number one talaga ang noah!!...super like it!!

  3. Noah of course!!!! SUPERB!