Reliving the Love Story of Jenny and Johny in 'Endless Love' Pinoy Version

Replacing the fantasy love story of Lara and Almiro in "The Last Prince" which just recently ended, here comes our very own "Endless Love" remake.

This is the Pinoy version of the 2003 hit Korean series called "Endless Love 1 (Autumn of My Heart)" which tells the undying romance of Jenny and Johny. Since birth, Jenny and Johny were meant to fall in love. Formerly, Johny is the known kuya of Jenny. But after knowing the truth in the mystery of Jenny's life, Johny and Jenny's sibling love turns into a romantic affair!

Even death didn't break the love between Jenny and Johny. Jenny will die because of a cancer or an incurable disease. Johny also die due to an accident! Death also brings them together!

Marian Rivera will now play he Pinay Jenny while Dingdong Dantes takes the role of Johny. Meanwhle, Dennis Trillo will portray the role of Andrew, the man who also fall in love with Jenny!

Now the question goes, will "Endless Love" can save the dying perfprmance of GMA-7's Telebabad in the TV rating game?! Will this new TV series remake is the only hope for GMA's Primetime? Can it able to defeat the very strong teleseryes in the Kapamilya network?! Well, let's see! It's a total challenge for this new TV revival! C",)

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