Jessy, Lance, and Franco: The Newest 'Kilig' Love Triangle on TV!

Our Sunday afternoon is now turns into a most romantic and most 'kilig' day with these new young love triangle on TV. Jessy Mendiola, Lance Christopher, and Franco Daza are now the three young stars that putting 'kilig' in our bored weekend.

This generation's youth-oriented show "Gimik 2010" via Your Song Presents is now centered with the love triangle of Jessy, Lance, and Franco. Who will be the only man in Jessy's heart? Who will win in the sporty game of love, the yummy hunk Franco or the boy-next door type Lance?!

As the original cast of this hit youth-oriented show turned over the center of the story to the newbies Jessy, Franco, Lance, and the rest of the G-Boys, the TV series becomes more click specially to the teenagers, youngsters and to everyone feeling young at heart!

In the recent episodes, Franco the ex-boyfriend of Jessy is trying to do everything to win the girl back. But since Franco was the reason why Jessy had a conflict with her daddy and mommy, Jessy now feels nothing with Franco. Her heart is now seeing the boy who always on her side through ups and down in the person of Lance.

At first the two boys fighting for a one girl become a close friend. But after Lance found out that Franco was the ex-boyfriend of Jessy, the conflict between these two hunks intensify!

Lance go with Jessy in Cebu to see Jessy's mother. At first Jessy's dad is so angry with him and with Jessy. But after Lance appreciated the artwork of Jessy's father in their house architecture, Jessy's dad is now good with Lance!

Now that Jessy's father accept Lance, will there be a chance for Lance to be the new boyfriend of Jessy?! Then how about Franco? And how far will the competition between these two hunks go just for the love of one lovely girl?! Who will chose then by Jessy...?!

Well, let's all witness the new chapters in the love triangle of Jessy, Lance, and Franco in the most 'kilig' youth-oriented show today, Your Song Presents "Gimik 2010"! If I were to ask you, who is your bet, Lance Christopher or Franco Daza for you and for Jessy's heart?! C",)

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