Claudine Barretto Teams Up with Geoff Eigenmann This Saturday in 'Claudine'

For the very first time, the two former Kapamilya stars Claudine Barretto and Geoff Eigenmann will be teamed up in a special drama anthology via "Claudine" this coming Saturday.

Since we were already in the month of June, the back-to-school month, the next episode of "Claudine" this Saturday is somewhat related to this. It will tackle a story of fraternity!

The optimum star Ms. Claudine Barretto will play as the sister of the fraternity victim Nico (Jay Aquitania) who dies mysteriously because of the fraternity-related violence.

While trying to coop with her brother's death, Aileen (Claudine Barretto) finds comfort with Migs (Geoff Eigenmann), the bestfriend of her brother. They became too close with each other.

Aileen became too close to Migs until she finds out that he is the reason why Nico joined the frat. But the worst thing is, Bryan (Joross Gamboa), the brother of Migs was the one who killed Nico!

How will the relationship of Migs and Aileen ended because of these truths? Will Aileen forgive Migs for all these things?! Well, let's all see this Saturday how love and hate collide in this special fraternity episode of "Claudine" only in GMA-7! C",)

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