New Poll: Angel Locsin Versus Marian Rivera Rivalry!

The rivalry between Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera is continuously heating the showbiz world. It was started since 2007 when Ms. Angel Locsin leaved her mother network, the GMA-7 and transferred to ABS-CBN.

Losing Angel Locsin as their Queen, GMA-7 groomed Marian Rivera to replace the slot vacanted by Ms. Angel. The first Mexican TV series remake in the Kapuso network called "Marimar" was supposed to be played by Angel but then given to Marian since the first was no longer their talent. This ignited the rivalry between these two actresses.

Different comparisons were made between these two. All the projects which were all supposed to be for Angel were given to Marian. Their TV series, movies, commercials, and beauties were all compared!

Another comparison between these two that really heats up their rivalry is when Marian Rivera played the role of "Darna" which was already popularized by Angel way back in 2005. In these "Darna" comparison, Angel Locsin won the battle!

But their rivalry in the FHM Most Sexiest Woman, Marian Rivera grabbed the victory. Last 2008 Marian was hailed as the No. 1 FHM Most Sexiest Woman defeating Angel. Now in 2010 seems that the history will repeat itself as Marian topnotch the survey leaving Angel to No. 2 spot!

Now our new poll survey relating to their rivalry goes: "Who between these two stars is truly the brightest, more beautiful, sexier and you really love the most?" It's now the totally of their comparison!

Are you pro-Angel Locsin or pro-Marian Rivera? Who will you bet? Who is more gorgeous? Who you really love most?! Start now casting your votes as our poll survey is officially open! Start supporting your favorite lady!

Just a friendly reminder, vote wisely! Goodluck to both Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera...! More power! C",)

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