Ai-Ai and Aga's 'M3' Sets Rom-Com on TV!

Another first will once again open on TV. This time it's a combination of romance or love story and a comedy! And this called rom-com, short for romance-comedy. rom-com new on TV or just the title was revised?

On its first offering and for the first time, the Comedy Concert Queen Ms. Ai-Ai De las Alas and the original heartthrob Mr. Aga Muchlach were being paired with a rom-com called "M3" or "Malay Mo Ma-develop"!

"M3" unlike the other TV series is a comedy series shown weekly. This is not a series that you can watch everyday. But the story is continuous.

The story is about the man (Aga) who become broken-heartted with his previous girlfriend. Until he met a new woman in the person of Ai-Ai. Then the next thing now goes malay nating ma-develop...! =)

This said rom-com is directed by Jeffrey Jeturian (the one who directed Kubrador, Pila Balde) and the sitcom is set in Tagaytay. Hmmm...looks exciting huh! C",).

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