'Imortal' Poster!

"Imortal", the biggest upcoming fantasy-series in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida featuring the first-ever tandem of Ms. Angel Locsin and Mr. John Lloyd Cruz is about to dominate the Philippine TV.

Sooner, ABS-CBN will release its beautiful trailer. Yup, I already seen it and it was really superb! I like the special effects on it!

But before that trailer, have you ever see its TV series poster?! Well if not yet, here's your chance!

Yeah, this is one of the TV series photos and one of the promo poster of the much-awaited "Imortal"!

As you can see, Angel and John Lloyd both depict their roles. Hmmm...who between Angel and John Lloyd is the vampire? And of course, which of them is the werewolf?!

Wow, it looks exciting ha! Can't wait and see this...! I think this will be the greatest TV series of the young superstar Ms. Angel Locsin! The trailer, the photos, the pictures all were really good! They truly captivate the human eye!

And with this photo, it only proves that Angel and John Lloyd were really pitted for their respective roles. Their chemistry as a tandem is really much awaited! Perfect 'chemistry' a they say!

So let's all wait and watch this truly good upcoming TV series! Two thumbs up Angel and Lloydie...!!! C",)

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