"Tanging Ina" Meets the "Miracle Boy" in MMK!

After we all see their first ever TV appearance together in the top-rated TV series "May Bukas Pa" and in the TV commercial of a particular food seasoning, the so-called "Tanging Ina" and the 'miracle boy' Santino will be together again in a special drama anthology.

Yup, the comedy-concern queen Ms. Ai-Ai Delas Alas and Zaijan Jarantilla will be the main star in the mother's day episode of the longest running drama anthology "Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK)" this Saturday night.

In the story, Ai-Ai and Zaijan will play the role of a mother and son. But Zaijan was not the real child of Ai-Ai. Ai-Ai was only the one who raised the child and treated him as her real son.

Ai-Ai plays the role of an old maid who took the responsibility of taking care the son (Zaijan) of her niece (played by Lauren Young). After a long year, her niece will come back home to get her child and bring him to the states!

Even Zaijan treated Ai-Ai as his real mother. It is also hard for him to accept his real mother Lauren.

What will be the final fate of these three?! Will Zaijan accept his real mom and go together with Lauren abroad and leave his known mother Ai-Ai alone?

Well, surely tears will flow this Saturday as we see this touching story of mother and son! So prepare all your handkerchiefs before you watch this Mother's Day special episode in MMK only in ABS-CBN! C",)

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